In the Name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

Prophet Mohammad (saw)‏ said :

أَدْنَي الْكُفْرِ أَنْ يَسْمَعَ الرَّجُلُ مِنْ أَخِيهِ الْكَلِمَةَ، فَيَحْفَظَهَا عَلَيْهِ يُرِيدُ أَنْ يَفْضَحَهُ بِهَا أُولَئِكَ لَا خَلَاقَ لَهُمْ

The most basic level of infidelity is for a man to hear a fellow brother say something and memorize it for future use against him in order to shame him with it. Those are indeed worthless people [in the hereafter].

[Bihar Al-Anwar, vol. 74, pg. 195]

Why do people memorize information in order to spread corruption?

There are many reasons of why people are ready to memorize information in order to spread it to the masses. The Prophet (saw) of Islam has made it clear that if an individual has the intentions to memorize and listen in order to spread corruption, then that individual is a worthless human being in this world and in the hereafter.

Envy is indeed one of the reasons why someone is ready to memorize something or collect information in order to use it against someone one day. This is of course a habit many in our community and outside our community have embraced and Islam is indeed a religion that speaks out against these actions which are related to backbiting and espionage. On the other hand, Islam also came to explain the reasons behind every single ruling God commanded us to follow and abide by.

So, backbiting and memorizing information in order to spread corruption and rumours in the society is forbidden because it has detrimental consequences which will destroy the essence of social ethics in the society and the world we live in. Imagine a society where everyone would bear the feelings and the emotions of animosity, hatred and rancour against each other. A society which has this evil habit will eventually become a society of insecurity and fear.

The second reason is without a doubt hatred and anger, which the human can bear against his fellow human being. Racism is also a factor which is related to hatred and rancour. Racism is a widespread problem in our society.

I remember an incident which happened to a Shaykh in my city Malmo, where a racist individual interviewed him and asked about his opinion on apostasy. The intentions of the interviewer were not the intentions of goodness and good-will. The interviewer did not interview the Shaykh in order to learn something new about opinions of the schools of thought in Islam or the different opinions which exist among Muslims.

The Racist interviewer interviewed the Shaykh in order to extract an opinion which he would later use against the Shaykh and change the whole purpose of his interview which he displayed to the Shaykh from beginning of the interview. So, the Racist interviewer took the points which would benefit his own agenda against the religion of Islam. He literally wrote a whole debate article about the interview he had with the Shaykh.

From this scenario, we know that the intentions of this racist were to memorize and write down certain sentiments of the interview in order to portray a negative image of the religion of Islam. The interviewer must bear in mind, that the religion of Islam has many schools of thought and even the followers of the different schools of thought in Islam have their own opinions which may differ from the other followers of the same Islamic school of thought which he follows.

It is very important for each and every single seeker of knowledge within the religion of Islam to not share deep information to superficial laymen who are not even willing to understand the essence and the true and deep teachings of Islam and the philosophy behind every single Islamic ruling.

The third reason may be amusement and entertainment. Many people in the society today have the tendency to just begin a conversation full of negative rumours in order to feel the poisonous social intoxication of amusement (لهو). That’s why it is very important to become a Muslim of consciousness and awareness (وعي). Many people don’t realize the danger of tediousness and boredom which can cause an individual to backbite or extract a portion of negative information in order to destroy the society he or she lives in.

A Muslim should always be active and never lazy, because laziness is arguably one of the most serious spiritual illnesses. Tediousness will lead to a life of pessimism. When life has no meaning other than the materialistic aspect, man will automatically depreciate the human being and the value of the human being.

When you are active, you automatically become optimistic. You start to think well about the society and your fellow human beings. This will also lead to the actions of optimism as one always wants the best for humanity.

We, as Muslims, must never think in a way in which we blame everything on our fellow human beings and take it as an excuse to speak ill of them later in the future. No, instead we should help each other to become better human beings by starting with our own thoughts first and foremost. When the thoughts are optimistic it will automatically lead you to the destination of goodness when you as a human being begin to appreciate the value of the human being. Let us all reflect on these thought structures.

Having good thoughts about your fellow humans will lead to a life of optimism

Remember that we all struggle with our own problems and obstacles. We all have our spiritual problems that we must work on. But one thing must be certain for all of us, and that is that we must memorize the good of a human being so that we can lift that person up in the future and especially if that person really wants to do good things for society and humanity.

It is never a trait of a true Muslim to walk around and memorize the evil of a person and then try to break down the person in the future. We should never be those types of individuals, where we memorize the bad of a person who happened to do something bad one day and forget all the good things, he has done for you for a thousand days.

This is a serious sign that we have a problem with pessimism, jealousy, racism, anger and hatred in our communities. These spiritual diseases must disappear. Start with yourself before you start with others. Write down these obstacles which you are struggling with and then find a tactic and method to fight these spiritual obstacles. We Muslims should and must work in this way to create a society of peace, tolerance and joy!

Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Holy Progeny (as)

| Amir Zabidi

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