In the Name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

This is the shrine of Imam Al-Khomeini (R). You may wonder why his shrine is that big and huge. The fact is that he didn’t want to have this shrine at all. His testament was to be buried in the graveyard of the poor people. After the demise of Imam Al-Khomeini (R), the poor people donated a sum of money in order to build up a shrine and a mausoleum for Imam Al-Khomeini (R).

One of the essential pillars of spirituality is to renounce the world of materialism and take the step to the world of the gnostics and the spiritual wayfarers who wants to achieve something outside the world and outside the box which is outside the sphere of the universe.

God wants the human being to reach outside the limits of the sky and God wants the human being to reach the peaks of every single goodness which is obtained outside the sphere of the material dimension which the majority of humanity are aspiring for.

A human being whose soul has realized the dimension of reality will become a human being of knowledge and wisdom without acquiring knowledge and wisdom from the people of the world.

A human being of asceticism will automatically become a human being who is independent. The ascetic will only rely on God. The ascetic is one who relies on the will of God and not the will of the people. It is the Divine Will of God that will inspire the sweetness of knowledge and the light of wisdom within you. God is the best of teachers and we are God’s pupils.

Imam Al-Khomeini has become a great role model for us Muslims. Without him, perhaps Shia Muslims around the world would not have had a political voice. Imam Al-Khomeini created a political microphone for oppressed Muslims and specifically oppressed Shia Muslims around the world. His life and his shrine will remain as an inspiration to us Muslims.

Looking at his grave, makes me reflect on how down to earth the Imam (R) was. His material body returned to the dust, but his soul remained for all eternity as a living example and role-model for the believers who have a burning passion for Islam in their hearts.

There will always be people who will be jealous of the Imam’s successes and what he accomplished during his years on this earth.The regime of Saudi Arabia is one of them. The regime of Saudi Arabia can’t handle to look at Imam Al-Khomeini’s (R) face. The darkness of envy burns in their hearts. Because Saudi Arabia and these hypocritical Muslims know that Imam Al-Khomeini’s (R) political position is the correct and the true Islamic position.

Today, you have hypocritical Muslims who ally themselves with countries such as the United States and Israel, just because they hate The Islamic Republic of Iran. Let them be envious and let them hate The Islamic Republic of Iran. The truth of Islam will always shine through the Qur’an and Ahlulbayt (as). The Islamic Republic of Iran has paved the way for the new era of Imam Al-Mahdi (ajf). The Shia of God and the Shia of Prophet Muhammad (saw) wait with all patience and hope for the last and twelfth Imam (ajf) who will return to establish Mercy and Justice on this earth, God willing.Let the haters burn in their rage :

“.. But when they are alone, they bite their fingertips at you in rage. Say, “Die in your rage. Indeed, God is Knowing of that within the breasts.” [3:119]

Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Holy Progeny (as)

| Amir Zabidi

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