In the Name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم‏: الدُّنْيَا سِجْنُ الْمُؤْمِنِ وَجَنَّةُ الْكَافِرِ

God’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: The world is a prison for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer.

[Sahih Muslim]

The world is indeed a prison for the believers. A believer who fights for God, fights for the truth, fights for his faith, fights for justice, fights for goodness, fights for knowledge, fights for wisdom and fights for compassion, will live in a prison in this world. This world is not for those who want good. Believers are higher than this dimension. Believers strive for a spirituality that will take them closer to the Creator. The bodies of the believers exist in the world, while their hearts and their souls live in the highest of horizons.

The world today is full of unqualified leaders who intend to fill this world with corruption and misery. The environment gets worse, war increases, poverty increases, unemployment increases, terrorists increase, racism increases, loneliness increases, oppression increases, aggression increases, sexual perversion increases, infidelity increases, and every aspect of corruption increases while goodness decreases. The development in this world is leaning towards a negative direction.

The system itself serves the evil ones while the good ones are forced to suffer. Unfortunately, when a believer begins a project of goodness, the believer usually believes that he or she will receive a strong support, but that is not the reality. If you are aware that the majority of the society lives in a state of heedlessness, then you will understand that only a small majority will support you to the goal of goodness. You have to understand that we have leaders of ignorance and followers of more ignorance (and they are the majority of society and the world). So, a stream of intelligent people of faith, wisdom and knowledge is something that does not exist on the map.

You constantly wonder why all this is happening. Reflect on the fact that this world is a place where you as an individual should shape yourself from a glossy paper to a book of light. Everyone’s life begins as a blank paper. You have a free will. If you want to follow Satan’s footsteps, you can. If you want to follow the path of God, then the path of God is more than open to you. Your own will determines what you become.

While the good human being lives in a prison, the deniers and the non-believers live in a worldly paradise of illusion. The pleasure the deniers live in is not true. It is temporary and false. The thing is, that this system has encouraged the individual to follow his or her desires, passion and animalistic instincts. Individualism and materialism are no coincidence or something we read in the sociological books. It is a tragic reality in this world of illusion. The system also wants to take man far from spirituality and religion. Everything that takes man from that which purifies the soul is something society calls for today.

Believers know that they cannot follow this satanic system that will only lead to the destruction of the soul. From the general aspect, we understand that the system itself serves the people of disbelief, passion and desires, and that the believers refuse to live in this system, even though they live in a prison far from that world of destruction. The soul is the most precious dimension of the existence of the human being, and it is obligatory upon every believer to take care of their own soul.

From the individualistic aspect, we understand that the world is a prison for the believer due to the spiritual, physical, moral and ethical laws that the believers must follow. A believer is not allowed to worship materialism, a believer is not allowed to worship idols, a believer is not allowed to lie, a believer is not allowed to drink what is forbidden, a believer is not allowed to eat what is forbidden, a believer is not allowed to commit fornication or adultery, a believer is not allowed to steal and a believer is not allowed to perform any act of evilness. A denier and a disbeliever don’t care. They do what they feel like. They follow their desires which they place over their intellect while the believers follow their intellect which they place over their desires and lusts.

But what awaits the deniers and the disbelievers is nothing more than justice, and what awaits the believers and the good doers is nothing more than pure mercy. The path of darkness leads to more darkness while the path of light leads to more light.

قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ يَأْتِي عَلَى النَّاسِ زَمَانٌ الصَّابِرُ فِيهِمْ عَلَى دِينِهِ كَالْقَابِضِ عَلَى الْجَمْرِ 

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “A time of patience will come to people in which adhering to one’s religion is like grasping a hot coal.”

[Sunan At-Tirmidhi]

Without a doubt, humanity today lives in a difficult time and every conscious individual is aware of this difficult time. Life was not as simple and ascetic as it used to be. Being spirited today, is like holding in a burning coal. Spirituality today is like holding fire.

From a societal perspective, we immediately understand that it is difficult to fit into a society with a spiritual identity. When you reflect on the development of society, you understand that the world around yourself in the western world has become more individualized and materialistic.

What society offers today, is something that the spiritual religion of God is totally opposed to. God’s religion is against individualism to a point where you start to become arrogant, stingy and selfish, God’s religion is against mammonism (the love of money), and God’s religion is against materialism, and especially that form of materialism that leads the human being to idolatry.

So when the spiritual individual lives in a society that is built on selfishness in all aspects, whether social, cultural, political or economic, the spiritual individual will find it difficult to fit in and integrate into the mentality of a society, which has values and principles that will clash with the spiritual identity of a submitter to God. When man submits to the will of God, man will realize that God and the spiritual human being will want something that will differ from the selfish, materialistic and individualistic human being.

Whether you see it from a collective or an individualistic perspective, you will understand that the spiritual man will have a hard time living in our time of materialism, industrialization and individualism. In the end, it is the common individual mentality of a society that shapes the identity, ideology and the face of a society. If the majority of people in a society are spiritual, then society will be a collective and a spiritual society. If the majority of a society is materialistic and selfish, then society will be individualistic, selfish and nonspiritual.

Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his Family (as)

| Amir Zabidi

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